"I'm fine" Joe Biden fell off his bike while riding in Delaware with the First Lady

The president slowed down to talk to several people and turned him down, saying "foot cages" on his bike on Saturday 

morning pulled cJoe Biden off his bike near his beach house in Delaware, shortly after greeting the reporters 

Steve Kerr and Andre Iguodal continued when the Warriors needed to win the championship "for" Steph Curry.

with a wave and a happy "Good morning!" The president is going with a first lady,

Dr. Jill Biden, to go for a bike ride to Rehoboth beach, where the couple

celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary. Accompanied by secret 

 the 71-year-old president drove around the corner at a slow speed before braking to address 

 the Happy Father's Day crowd and falling. Dr. Jill Biden is back and she misses her husband's downfall. 

Biden's unexpected arrival occurred after he stopped and did not release his cycling shoe from the pedals.