In the wake of Tommy Fury withdrawing from MSG, Jake Paul will fight Hasim Rahman Jr.

Following Tommy Fury's withdrawal from Madison Square Garden, Jake Paul will face a new opponent next month.

In August, Hasim Rahman Jr., son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, replaces Fury. 

6 ion Thursday, Paul said. Rahman, who is from Baltimore, is 12-1 as a pro boxer with six knockouts. 

. In an eight-round bout between two men weighing 200 pounds, Showtime PPV will broadcast the event.

He is a 31-year-old heavyweight who isn't a household name, but he has more boxing experience and is bigger than Paul (5-0).

After a bevy of criticism that he only wanted to fight older MMA fighters or athletes, Paul said he had already decided he would fight a real boxer in his next encounter.

Rahman, Paul believes, is a much harder opponent than Fury would have been. "I'm literally crazy," Paul said.

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