Stephen Curry responds witty to learning that Mike Brown had a 12-0 record in playoffs as GSW's head coach.

The Warriors escaped national embarrassment in Game Four of the western conference semi-finals. 

team without Ja Morant would barely be able to beat Stephen Curry and co. Both teams shot poorly from the 3-point line.

Steve Kerr did not attend the game due to a positive COVID-19 test. 

As a result of Coach Kerr's absence, assistant coach Mike Brown was named head coach of the Sacramento Kings.

Steve Curry has all of us split on Mike Brown having a 12-0 playoff record as the team's head coach.

Brown's faultless record against the Grizzlies improved to 12-0 after Game Four. 

After the Warriors led the Grizzlies 3-1, Steph Curry would face Brown's 12-0 record.  

 Warriors guard Stephen Curry had a hilarious response when asked about Brown's 12-0 record.

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