Jason Momoa and James Wan blocked plans to cut Amber Heard from Aquaman 2

The Johnny Depp/Amber Heard defamation trial continues to slither across the seabed of the online subconscious this week 

occasionally spitting out some interesting industry factoid or strange moment that inevitably rises to the surface to be fitfully dissected and analyzed.  

As part of that bolus-hunt, Kathryn Arnold (whose job appears primarily to be to testify in court cases about the entertainment industry) appeared today as a "entertainment industry consultant". 

Heard claims that the divorce between Depp and Heard, followed by a completely non-cultish backlash against Sheard, negatively affected her career.

His explanation was particularly relevant to Heard's Aquaman role for Warner Bros. 

The Arnold testimony was interesting in that it apparently confirmed some of the stuff people have inferred over the last few years 

including the fact that Heard was omitted from promotional materials for the film's sequel 

banned from DC's FanDome event, and essentially fired from the film, in spite of being in a previously billion-dollar superhero blockbuster.

In an o-ed Arnold wrote about being abused a few years ago when she attempted to defend herself against Depp's accusations of defamation