Jason Momoa Gets A Sweet Birthday Message From Lisa Bonet's Ex Lenny Kravitz, And Motorcycles Are Involved

Commending his new birthday in style, Jason Momoa shared some bike posts that featured his adoration for the leisure activity.  

Any individual who knows the star of forthcoming motion pictures like Slumberland 

Aquaman 2 has a thought of how much his trekking side interest means to him.  

Companion and individual ex of Lisa Bonet Lenny Kravitz clearly knows Momoa's energy for two-wheeled satisfaction 

and that extremely subject was engaged with a sweet birthday message from the vocalist to his buddy.

A fellowship's satisfied the web to observe its unfurling; and it's not the initial time the young men have been seen on bicycles together. 

Lenny Kravitz had recently shared a bicycle based picture with Jason Momoa,  

Those sensations of ohana between the two just appear to be more grounded considering this sincere birthday welcoming.