During CinemaCon in Las Vegas, on April 26, the actor was served with papers relating to their children.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, on Tuesday, Olivia Wilde was served papers regarding her children.

"Ted Lasso's" Jason Sudeikis told NBC News via email that "papers have been drawn up to establish jurisdiction over Mr. Sudeikis' and Ms. Wilde's children."

A nine-year relationship between Wilde and Sudeikis came to an end in November 2020 

  Two children live with the actors: eight-year-old Otis and five-year-old Daisy.

CinemaCon director Mitch Neuhauser told TODAY that the organization would reevaluate its security procedures. 

During Wide's presentation of the trailer for her new movie, "Don't Worry Darling," she received a manila envelope labelled "personal and confidential."

"We have never had an incident where a non-authorized delegation approached the stage, 

Wilde posted a photo of her boyfriend Harry Styles and Florence Pugh from the movie she directed.

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