jennifer lopez and ben affleck SIGNS POINT TO MASSIVE HOME PURCHASE Unconfirmed, But Interesting!!!

Jennifer Lopez' car was seen Thursday at a massive estate in Beverly Hills.  

There were also four moving trucks outside of the estate 

and there were trucks at both Ben and Jen's current homes in the L.A. area as well.

J Lo and Ben Affleck have been looking for a new house for months. 

We can't confirm they bought this one, but it sure smells like smoke!

We're told the estate has everything you could want inside 

including a movie theater and more than enough bedrooms for the whole family.

Formerly owned by Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, it was owned by James Packer

who was Mariah Carey's fiancé. The house is said to have cost around $60 million.

Our sources tell us that the house has not even been shown off-market, except perhaps to Ben and Jen.

It is almost certain that the house would sell for more than $60 million given the price of real estate in Los Angeles.

I found a lot of houses ... some in the $85 million range, so that seems within the target.

If we confirm, we'll let you know, but ... lots of smoke.