Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Photographed Holding Hands On His Movie Set

Jennifer Lopez came to visit her fiancé Ben Affleck to shoot their new film, and the fiancés 

found time to make love as they walked together in Los Angeles. J.Lo was wearing a long white dress with a fabric loop, and a ruffled neck flew over his shoulders.

Steve Kerr and Andre Iguodal continued when the Warriors needed to win the championship "for" Steph Curry.

She wore a loose beige cardigan over the dress that covered her knees. 

She wrapped her hair in a soft tuber with bits of honey-blond hair that ruffled her face

 Beneath the dress lay a pair of straw espadrilles that matched the tone of her cardigan.

 As accessories, J.Lo has a pair of gold ring earrings and, of course, an engagement ring.

Affleck was wearing a dark red T-shirt that read "The Tender Bar," which is the title of George Clooney's Affleck.

 She was wearing blue jeans and black sneakers.