Jennifer Lopez Shares Her Weeknight Meal--and we're making it ASAP

We've kept up with Jennifer Lopez's skin care routine, fitness secrets, and red carpet looks for over 20 years.  

Ever since "Jenny from the Block" first came out in 2002, Jennifer Lopez has been a fashion and beauty icon. 

The singer, actress and entrepreneur just made it easier for you to follow along with her new newsletter, On the JLo .  

Among her tips on how to glow from the inside out and her Ask Me Anything segment, the star shares daily life 

J.Lo's fans naturally wanted to know about the star's workout regimen. 

In response, she gave some detailed insight into her fitness routine, which she's hinted at for quite some time. 

On her YouTube channel, Lopez shares several videos of her workouts at home as well as on the road. 

According to Lopez, she lifts three to four days a week and adds cardio when she wants to lose weight.  

Lopez would then do 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes of resistance training.