Jennifer Lopez twirls in a black string bikini, declares, 'Summer mode: activated'

Summer is just around the corner for Jennifer Lopez.

Her fans couldn't get enough of the black bikini and Versace sunglasses the singer and actress wore as she showed off all her curves.

"Summer mode is on," Lopez wrote on Instagram 

also sending followers to a link in her bio about partnering with Virgin Voyages to give away 1,000 cruises for free.

Lopez's post drew a slew of flame emojis as well as positive feedback.  

"Gorgeous queen," commented one commenter, followed by "My sunshine."

Another fan added, "I'm crying, you're so gorgeous."

Another wrote, "I'm absolutely crazy about you.".

In an excerpt from her newsletter, " On the JLo," the ageless beauty discussed one of the most important beauty secrets: getting enough sleep.

I have discovered that sleep, to me, is the most underrated beauty secret out there. We don't value sleep," Lopez, who recently got engaged to Ben Affleck , wrote.

She added, "There was a time when I slept 3 to 5 hours a night. I was on set all day, in the studio all night, doing junkets and filming videos on weekends.