Jessica Chastain protects Florence Pugh's sheer dress 'We don't have a place with you'

Jessica Chastain is berating body shamers. The "Eyes of Tammy Faye" entertainer is the furthest down the line VIP to help Florence Pugh,

 who got a flood of body-disgracing remarks subsequent to wearing a sheer dress to the Valentino

 Haute Couture show throughout the end of theweek. Chastain reposted a photograph Pugh shared of herself in the hot pink, 

, areola exposing number, and stated, "For what reason is it so compromising for a men to understand that ladies can cherish our bodies without your consent?"

Added the 45-year-old Oscar champ, "We don't have a place with you."

Pugh, 26, protected her outfit decision on Instagram Sunday. "Tune in, I knew when I wore that unbelievable Valentino dress

 that it was absolutely impossible that there wouldn't be a critique on it. Whether it be negative or positive,