Joey Chestnut puts protestor in a brief chokehold following his Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest victory

An unsettling incident took place on Monday morning in the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest  

after a protester ran onto on the stage and slammed upon the 15 times champion Joey Chestnut.

Security rushed to get rid of the protester, Chestnut briefly took matters to his own literally. 

Chestnut was in the middle of his eating skills competitively with his face filled with hot dogs, 

became frustrated with the stage runner and forced the person to the position of a mini chokehold.

The security guard took down the fan fast after the brief conversation with Chestnut. 

And , without a pause, Chestnut went right back to eating hot dogs after the fan was removed from the stage.

The protester was sporting the Darth Vader mask with a sign that read "Expose Smithfield's Deathstar,"  

an apparent sign of protesting against treatment of farm animals in factory farms.