John Mulaney and Andy Samberg Step in As Host Amid Jimmy Kimmel's Second Bout With COVID-19

John Mulaney and Andy Samberg stepped in for Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night in the midst of his continuous COVID-19 fight.

The jokesters - - both of whom were set to be visitors on Wednesday's show - - visitor facilitated Jimmy Kimmel Live! considering Kimmel's nonappearance.

In their initial discourse, the pair, dressed head-to-toe in Jimmy Kimmel Live! merchandise, made fun of Kimmel's twofold determination.

"I surmise we ought to make sense of why we're facilitating this evening," Mulaney started. 

"You recollect how Jimmy said he didn't have COVID however at that point he said he did have COVID? Indeed, he was correct the twice."

"Truth be told, Jimmy has contracted COVID, once more, for the second time in three weeks," Samberg added. 

"Also, we're figuring they ought to likely change the name of the show to Jimmy Kimmel Alive."

Mulaney proceeded to consider Kimmel's life as a debilitated youngster, and his fantasies of one day have a daily television show.

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