Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Claim Evidence Was Supressed in Trial

Although the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard lasted years, 

 it appears like things are finally starting to settle down for the former couple. 

Heard was found guilty of 3 counts defamation. She was also charged with paying $10 million to her ex. 

After Heard asserted that proof was stifled during the preliminary, Depp's delegate and her representative changed their words.

Albeit the decision in the maligning case was reported weeks prior, the discussion encompassing Johnny Depp's and Amber Heards' preliminary proceeds. 

Depp's attorneys, as well as Heard, partaking in broadcast interviews with respect to the court procedures.  

The Aquaman entertainer concentrated on the proof that couldn't be incorporated, explicitly her specialist's notes,  

which incorporate a point by point depiction about her maltreatment. 

There you have it. The cases made by Amber Heard aren't being given sufficient load by Johnny Depp's group.  

The Pirates of the Caribbean entertainer was the victor in court. Nonetheless, the jury needed to arrive at a consistent choice. Heard has the likelihood to pursue the choice.