Johnny Depp Appearance in Video Game's "Sea of Dawn" Trailer

In the teaser for "Sea of Dawn," a new MMORPG from Changyou, Johnny Depp plays a fez-wearing merchant. 

The actor who played Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" plays Phillip the Shopkeeper with a marine accent in the trailer 

His character informs a debt collector (Francisco Rodriguez) about his maritime escapades to avoid paying the invoices. 

"Depp's shopkeeper says, "I've had my travels" before sneaking the bill collector out the door and saying, "Your journey awaits you on the seas." 

Short clip designed to advertise role-playing game "Sea of Down" by Changyou. 

The 16th-century Age of Exploration is the setting for the nautical game. Epic Games' Unreal Engine digitally recreates unexplored beaches and other locations,

Allowing players to combat other ships, trade with merchants, and learn about faraway cultures, secrets, and legends.

Buddha Jones and Quriosity Productions made the "Sea of Dawn" trailer in Los Angeles.