Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial updates: breaking news today, updates, deliberations, verdict...

After a long weekend break, the seven-person civil jury (five men, two women) returned to deliberate today.

Heard wrote that she was a public figure representing domestic abuse in an op-ed in The Washington Post published in 2018.  

Depp's legal team claims that Heard defamed him in the article, despite the fact that his name wasn't actually mentioned.

The case has been heard in a civil court rather than a criminal court, so the jury will not have to determine guilt or innocence 

but could decide that financial compensation running into the millions of dollars is needed. 

Depp's legal team tries to strike down "inappropriate arguments"

Depp's legal team has filed a motion to strike Amber Heard's closing argument from the record, meaning the jurors currently deliberating will not consider it. 

Heard asked jurors to consider the “message” that a verdict for Depp would send to other domestic violence victims in the passage in question.

A lawyer for Depp called it "inappropriate" in a filing in Fairfax County District Court on Tuesday and asked the judge to dismiss it  

Instruct the jury to disregard it and to revise the Special Verdict Form.

As Jeff Beck continues his European tour, Johnny Depp has appeared twice onstage with him in the past two nights.