Johnny Depp’s Work Was their “fastest-selling Collection to date’ is said to be by The London gallery 

Johnny Depp is making millions from his artwork at 59 years old  and also he earned $3.6 million after releasing 780 prints by the castle fine art.

people has know well, as a inspired person,whenever The “Friends&Heroes” collection,his first Bob Dylan,Elizabeth Taylor,Al Pacino and KeithRichards,sold both individually 

Every picture is indicate character of Johnny’s eyes Keith richards said  about “Castle fine art  POP

meets_atreet art each limited portrait is listed online for $3,973 on sale for $15,040 With four set

Castle Fine Art said ‘this World_first release proved to be our fastest_selling collection to date this is selling out in hours by the fans clamoured for the collection 

.When the PEOPLE”S request for the comment,but gallery did not respond immediately.his ex-wife 

AmberHeard request to the judge for the mistrial denied,he ruled the verdict in their virginia trail still stands after sale comes week

Verdict was down from the seven person jury On june 1,mostly he loss more than $10 million also with depp hears 36,and also $2million awarded to her