JoJo Siwa unfolded further about Her “difficult” come across With Candace Cameron Bure After Going Viral For Labeling Her The “Rudest movie star” 

“I had a hard enjoy while i was little. i was 11, and i was a huge, 

big fan, and i wanted to take a picture along with her.”

JoJo Siwa has opened up further about her beyond come across with 

Candace Cameron Bure. if you neglected it, JoJo discovered herself going viral this 

week after she published a short, candid TikTok video answering fast-fire  

questions. the one response that grabbed fanatics’ interest became her solution  

to the question of who changed into the “rudest movie star” she’s ever met,  

, who she said was Candace. however genuinely flashing a photograph of the Fuller residence