Jonathan Young answers allegations he was not treating ladies well on Survivor

Jonathan Young made fire for the clan the entire season on Survivor 42. However,  

when he expected to make fire to save his game, he simply wasn't exactly basically as fast as his island BFF Mike Turner.  

Jonathan lost the last four fire-production challenge — one snapped rope away from making the last three and presenting his defense for the title of Sole  ...

Survivor and the million-dollar check that accompanies it.

All things being equal, Jonathan headed toward the jury, giving Mike his main vote against possible victor Maryanne Oketch. 

How might Jonathan have done had he come as far as possible? For what reason did he decide in favor of Mike over Maryanne (and Romeo Escobar)?  

Furthermore, what was up with his upside down relationship with Lindsay,  

who said in her EW post employment survey that Jonathan was a "misanthrope" out on the island