Kanye West Slams Adidas CEO for 'Blatant Plagiarism' of Yeezy Designs

The Adidas Adilette 22 sandals, according to Ye, "reflect the disdain that powerful people have for genius."

Kanye West hasn't posted on Instagram in three weeks, except to tease a McDonald's business deal, but on Monday (June 13), he took aim at Adidas for allegedly duplicating his Yeezy designs.

He uploaded a snapshot of Adidas' $55 Adilette 22 sandals, which look a lot like Ye's $70 Yeezy Slides and sold out almost immediately when they were released in May.

Ye mentions Adidas CEO Kasper Rrsted in his lengthy caption. "I'm not standing for this obvious plagiarism any longer," he wrote to Kasper.

"To all sneakerheads" To every ball player, rapper, or even store employee

This is for everyone who wants to express themselves but is afraid to do so for fear of losing their job or being labelled insane."

He concluded, "These shoes show the disregard that those in power have for talent."

" "This is a fake Yeezy created by adidas themselves, and I'm not talking to DC about it either. Come talk to me, Kasper."