Kardashians  trailer leaves Kim mortified

Kim Kardashian was "humiliated" by the response to her now-notorious remarks about individuals having to "work."

"You saw all of the reactions to the different interviews?" Kim says in a voice-over portrayal.

" I suppose on the off chance that you experienced childhood in Beverly Hills with very fruitful guardians in  

what was just a more modest house  Nobody needs to hear your considerations 

on progress/hard-working attitude," Jamil tweeted accordingly.

The equivalent of 24 hours in a day is like a bad dream, she said.  

The world's 99.9% grew up with a very unique 24 hours."

It turned out to be a brief clip, truly without any unique circumstance," she told 

"Great Morning America" co-anchor Robin Roberts in March.

The truth star additionally made sense that she was answering an inquiry concerning the idea that she's been