Kate Moss wants to say the truth’ in  Depp defamation trial

The British supermodel “kate moss” said in a new interview that they testified in Johny Depp's defamation trial since she had to tell the truth

The 48 years old moss appeared in may during Johnny Depp's lawsuit against their ex-wife amber heard that Depp pushed moss down the stairs when johnny Depp and moss in dating in the 90

According to the Sunday Times, moss admitted she knew the truth of johnny Depp

According to the times , moss believes in fairness and justice

A jury ruled in Depp's favor following a headline-grabbing, six-week trial featuring Moss's testimony.

During a rainstorm, she fell down some stairs at a hotel in Jamaica. Depp ran back and carried her to her room, she testified.

In 1994, Depp, now 59, dated Moss for three years 

When she was 15 years old, Moss was asked by a photographer to take off her top at a shoot. "I could feel something was wrong, so I ran away," she said.