Katy Perry has posted Kentucky photos with Orlando Bloom 

.Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom filmed a movie in Kentucky.

"Fireworks" star tweeted images from his trip to the state, capturing Mart and painting sessions.

.Perry posted seven photos and three videos on Instagram, starting with a rare strawberry. 

.Perry and Bloom had a terrific time in Kentucky, with footage showing Perry whitewater rafting in a cave, interacting with a sloth, and assembling a LEGO set.

While Perry was drinking, he posted an Instagram photo of a fungus and a snail.

.Bloom shows Perry his find from the first video in the second.Bloom's "It's just an Osiris life" is the finest reaction.

.Bloom's latest photographs and videos are from filming Red Right Hand, which also stars Andie Persons, Scott Haze, and Garret Dillard.

Red Right Hand depicts, per Deadline, "Cash (Bloom) is an Appalachian boy who cares for his niece Savannah.