Kelley Clarkson settled with her ex Brandon over Montana ranch, but now is dealing with 'holy' mystery

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock finally settled their divorce in March after a difficult and long process 

The couple's Montana ranch was perhaps the most contentious issue in the lengthy proceedings. 

Clarkson and Blackstock settled the issue of what to do with the property, with Clarkson paying Blackstock a percentage of the property value.  

Apparently, Holley Moley's troubles on the ranch aren't over yet, as the talk show host revealed a new, and pretty disturbing, problem.

In an Instagram post from her Montana property, Kelly Clarkson 

There are a lot of questions here. Kelly Clarkson said she was getting Outer Range vibes, and that sounds like the setup for Amazon Prime Video's new sci-fi western 

in which Josh Brolin's Royal Abbott discovers a black void on his Wyoming cattle ranch that turns out to be a portal to...other things. Kelly, please step back from the hole!

If she dives in, she asks who she'll end up with, and some commenters on the post compared it to the underrated '90s film Tremors.

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