Kelly Clarkson's Divorce Saga Is Still Ongoing, And The Judge Even Had To Postpone Retirement

One would have trusted that Kelly Clarkson's separation show would be over after Brandon Blackstock moved off of her farm in Montana and into his new unhitched male cushion.

While the Montana property was only one of many issues several has battled about in the a long time since the vocalist petitioned for legal separation in June 2020, 

it frequently appeared to be the greatest disputed matter.  

Unfortunately, the fights in court are not finished, in spite of their separation being settled in March,  

and the previous couple's continuous battles have now even constrained the managing judge to postpone his retirement.

Equity Scott Gordon, the confidential adjudicator named to assist Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock with settling their case last year, 

was set to step down toward the finish of June, as indicated by DailyMail.  

Notwithstanding, he's currently been approached to put off his retirement due to in any case unsettled debates between the previous life partners.  

Various subtleties were settled on when the American Idol victor and Reba McEntire's stepson came to a settlement in March.  

The couple's property, including the farm as well as animals, firearms and a few vehicles (counting a Ford fire engine), 

was split between them, as well as financial limitations. Kelly Clarkson consented to pay her ex a one-time installment of $1.3 million,