Kelly Clarkson's Ex-Husband Brandon Blackstock Said He 'Is Always Asking For More' Following Divorce Agreement

Kelly Clarkson wants to move on now that her divorce has been finalized. But Brandon Blackstock is not going to let her. 

– Although he seems more interested in getting her back in court, he may be finally out of her hair.

He dragged his feet on leaving her Montana ranch. Us Weekly It was confirmed that the ex-music manager has left her home. 

According to a media source, he was required to leave by a court order on June 1. He reportedly wanted to fight but was eventually talked out of it. 

Why is Blackstock refusing to let Clarkson live the best possible life? 

He doesn't think he received his fair share of the divorce settlement. Always asking for more "She was a constant thorn in my side," she said.

We should also remember that Clarkson is the primary custodian of their children, River, 8 and Remington, 6.  

Clarkson receives $115,000 in alimony from January 2024. Clarkson also gets $45,601 child support. The Montana ranch is worth approximately $17,750,000.  

Once the talk-show host sells it , he will get $908,800. He won 5.12 percent of the land in their court battle.

Since Blackstock lost his last music client in 2021, Blake Shelton sided against Clarkson in the divorce.  

He told the court that he is now a rancher. It's not clear how Clarkson will proceed without Clarkson's ranch, but we wish he does not include Clarkson.