Kendall Jenner's crisis and Devin Booker's collapse in the playoff

According to reports, the couple split before the postseason began

Devin Booker lost form at the worst possible time after the break-up with Kendall Jenner 

He was one of many Suns players to lose form at the worst possible time.

Phoenix's loss to the Dallas Mavericks has been attributed to the so-called 'Kardashian curse' despite the two having been dating for some time.

Jenner's absence from the playoff games is cited as evidence that Booker and Jenner split just before they began the playoffs.

During the regular season, Jenner attended several Suns games with Booker.

The rumours have been fueled by her lack of attendance at Suns games since April 

though she posted photos from games during the playoffs last year.

Another rumour suggests the couple is currently on a break, even though they haven't separated yet.