Kevin Durant Sends Bold Message on Steph Curry, Michael Jordan Before NBA Final

"First Take" analyst Stephen A. Smith was the latest victim of Kevin Durant's nationwide revenge tour against the biggest pundits in sports media on June 2 

While appearing on ESPN's flagship show, Smith said NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan 'worse' the game of basketball, in one of his most illogical takes.

Smith said that because he was so exceptional, the NBA marketed him 

the audience gravitated toward him, and the game became more individualized.

Durant, who is an avid Twitter user, pounced upon Smith's remarks.  

KD took the opportunity to slam analysts such as Smith, Shannon Sharpe, and Skip Bayless. 

He followed up with a hot take of his own about his for

The game has been changed for the worse by players like Steve, Skip, and Shannon, Durant tweeted in June 2. 

"Players like Stephen [Curry] and Michael [Jordan] can only move it forward."

An outspoken analyst, Smith continued with a sharp retort to the Smith commented on Kevin Durant's Twitter account: "News for you [Kevin Durant], we ain't going anywhere.