Things were positive for Thor, who continued at MCU after Kevin Feige shared his hopes with Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder.

Marvel's head shows that he thinks there are "many" other stories about Thor that could be told.

Feige said at a press conference on Thor: Love and Thunder: "Well, there are things called comics that have a lot of stories in them - and that's where all our stories come from.

 And the question is: have you ever told all of Thor's great stories since comics after movies? "The answer is no. There are many."

The head of Marvel continued: "I've always said that our interest in making more stories is a bit about the continuation of the character, [but] it's almost a continuation of the actor's experience. 

I think of all our casts, not as their individual characters, but that Marvel player can grow, evolve and change within this character. 

And if we look at comics as our guide, there are many other incarnations of Thor that we have not seen before.

"It's the first time we've been on stage three years ago about this film and other things," Feige said of her upcoming performance in Hall H.