Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson mock Taylor Swift's cover songs.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart discuss Taylor Swift's remixes on TikTok.

Rock used Swift's music in a TikTok video.Two promoters listen to Taylor Swift during a break.

Johnson replies, "Taylor's Bad Blood.""Go to the doctor!" shouts Hart. he didn't hear him.

You're less poisonous than you believe.Hart tells The Rock, "Message in a Bottle, Taylor-style."

"Super-Pets" ends with Johnson and his coworkers high-fiving to this song.

Article has embedded media.Swift remarked, "Dwayne should promote good renditions of my music."

She wished the film success.She sung "Ur the dude," referencing Johnson's part in "The Guy."

"Message In A Bottle" and "Bad Blood" (Taylor's Version) will appear in the movie, according to Taylor Nation tweets.