Kim buys a new house between her and Kanye's current residence

She was so desperate to have it that she paid $800,000 over the asking price for the house next door to her Hidden Hills home.

The 4,230-square-foot California home appears to be an expansion of her neighborhood footprint.

In addition, it is directly across the street from the house Kanye West bought in December.

It looks like it might be a hangout spot for her boyfriend Pete Davidson when he's in town.

Their goal is to co-parent their four children, so buying the property around the main house makes sense."

Green shaggy carpeting, velvet furniture, mirrors on the walls, and plastered floors decorate the interior of the four-bedroom house.

There is a good chance that this house will be demolished and replaced with something more extravagant.

Kim, 41, bought out Kanye's stake for $23 million in October, giving her four acres.

A beloved resident of Hidden Hills and longtime owner of the home, Lilian Darling Holt, passed away at the age of 84 in November.