Kim Kardashian's dress designer says wearing it was a big mistake

"Marilyn designed it for herself. It should not be worn by anyone else."

At age 23, designer Bob Mackie drew the sketch for the famous nude gown Marilyn Monroe wore to sing  

"Happy Birthday" to President JFK while working as an assistant to designer Jean Louis.  

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mackie discusses Kim Kardashian wearing the original Met Gala dress in 2022. He's a hater.

Mackie said he thought it was a big mistake. Marylin was a goddess, he said. But she was a crazy goddess. 

She was amazing. No one else could have captured her. She got what she wanted.  

Exactly what she needed. That dress belongs only to her.

Entertainment Weekly reports that he was also concerned that wearing the gown would harm its preservation.

Monroe's original gown was worn only on the Met Gala stairs before being changed into a replica.