Kumail Nanjiani's Arm Workout - Here's what happened

Take a look at Kumail Nanjiani's transformation from The Big Sick to Marvel's Eternals for workout inspiration. 

During an Instagram caption that broke the internet in 2019, the actor wrote 

“I learned a year ago that I would be in Marvel's Eternals, so I decided to change my appearance. 

” Due to the cost of hiring nutritionists and trainers for an entire year, I could not do this for the biggest studio in the world.  

I’m glad I look this way, but I understand why I haven’t. 

But how did he get those superhero-worthy arms? I set out to find out. 

A former Mr. World Canada bodybuilder, Grant Roberts, helped Najiani train at Granite Gym in Beverly Hills.  

After filming began, Najiani worked with David Higgins, who is a London personal trainer and Pilates instructor. 

I was able to try one of Najiani's superhero arm workouts because Grant shared information about them in interviews.