Larry Jordan Balling Out Against Michael Jordan Went Viral: "His Brother Inherited Everything But The Height." 

Only a handful of people in history have made it to the NBA

There are many factors beyond talent that go into making it to the league. To make it to the league, a player must work hard,

. have natural athletic ability, and have some luck with injuries. A superstar star in the league is even more difficult to achieve 

The GOAT of the NBA, Michael Jordan, stands at the pinnacle of achievement. There is no doubt that he has more accolades than anyone else.

Despite this, even MJ has admitted his brother Larry might have been a better player than him. At 5'8", Larry could have been quite the story if he had made it to the NBA,

but his height prevented him from doing so. 

.MJ's prowess was evident in a video of Larry playing against him and showing off his skills.