LeBron James Rejects $110 Million From Reebok, $70 Million From Adidas: "I'm A Nike Guy."

In addition to dominating the NBA for almost 20 years now, LeBron James has been a superstar for the entire duration of his career. 

It was expected that LeBron would become the next big superstar when he entered the NBA, so he was a massive name even before he entered.

Since LeBron James had such tremendous potential, it shouldn't be surprising that big shoe companies sought him out for endorsement deals.

Several shoe companies, including Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, participated in a bidding war for LeBron James prior to his entry into the NBA.

All three brands wanted LeBron to represent their brand and be their top representative in the NBA 

They made their offers to LeBron, and an 18-year-old had to make a decision.

Adidas offered LeBron James the lowest contract of all three companies, $70 million across 10 years.

Approximately $87-$90 million was offered to LeBron James by Nike to sign with them over seven years. 

However, the biggest Jordan received an offer from Nike, and LeBron James was offered a mammoth $110 million contract over ten years by Reebok