'Magnum P.I.' Saved After CBS Cancellation by Fellow Network

Despite being threatened with cancellation, Magnum P.I. will return to a new network, according to reports. 

Deadline reports that the recently canceled CBS action series is preparing to move to NBC, with USA Network as the frontrunner for the remake of the 1980s classic.

A potential rescue attempt by NBC involves new episodes of the show being air on the main network

according to the outlet. Reruns would also be available on USA Network, just as it has done with Law & Order, NCIS and other long-running dramas. 

Although nothing is set in stone just yet, this is the latest and most stable news regarding the show. 

After CBS canceled the series on May 12, Universal Television has been shopping the series.  

Other future homes include Paramount+, but USA Network has emerged as a frontrunner.  

Shortly thereafter, NBC entered the conversation, making the Universal family reunion a reality.

Deadline notes that no negotiations have yet taken place between the parties involved in the pickup with a new network and CBS Studios.  

Paramount+ is still in the running for streaming rights, but no price or deal has been reached yet.