Marilyn Monroe ‘didn’t own enough money for a proper funeral’ when she died

Marilyn Monroe’s tragic tale of fame and fortune is set to take on the silver screen in the Andrew Dominik-directed Netflix film “Blonde.”

The NC-17-rated drama is an adaptation of author Joyce Carol Oates’ 2000 bestselling book of the same name.

Oates, 84, spoke at the 21st Neuchâtel Intl. Fantastic Film Festival in Switzerland last week about the iconic film star’s career 

and how Monroe died almost penniless despite being one of the most recognizable faces of all time.

She gained a fame in the world, but that’s not an identity you can live with, Oates said, according to Variety.

Oates’ novel took a look at Monroe — born Norma Jeane Mortenson, later called Norma Jeane Baker — and how she lost hold of her identity  

to become the blonde bombshell whom fans came to love and her tragic end. “It is one that made a lot of money for a lot of men, but not much for herself.