Mark Wahlberg's "Wahlburger" 4s show how being friends with Michael Jordan has its perk

Michael Jordan is only one initial away from being Mark Wahlberg - that, and being golf buddies with Jordan, got him his shoe deal.

The Wahlburgers is a famous burger joint/reality TV show with Mark Wahlberg being its most famous name.  

The business they run is doing well, but Wahlberg is doing well for himself, too. Known for his high-octane movies 

being friends with MJ doesn't seem out of place since he has friends in high circles like Michael Jordan.

Jordan and his buddies play a few rounds of golf from time to time, if their busy schedules permit it.  

Knowing Jordan, if it meant a few bucks per hole, he would surely make room in his schedule for golf.

During these friendly golf games, the “Wahlburger” collaboration happened on the 30th anniversary of the Jordan 4.  

The shoe is heavily influenced by Mark’s Boston heritage, with its dominant green color scheme.