Marlon Wayans Has Been On Tour With Chris Rock, Says He, Dave Chappelle And Others Can’t Stop Joking About The Will Smith Oscars Slap

He still hasn't fully addressed the Oscars slap he received from Will Smith in the public eye.  

While he's made some offhand references to the subject, one of them came after Dave Chappelle's recent altercation with a fan. Marlon Wayans has, however, revealed that Rock himself participates in discussions backstage. 

He told Vanity Fair a few interesting stories about Smith as he talked about his recent Bel Air appearance 

Among tales of how Will Smith was almost the face that Peacock subscribers would have been talking about as estranged father Lou, The Slap was definitely part of the conversation.  

The slap has been discussed extensively by Chris Rock, but it sounds like Dave Chappelle and Marlon Wayans could be a part of that special too. 

It sounds as if Wayans is especially prepared, since he claims to have an hour's worth of material prepared about it. 

It sounds as though whatever this set includes will be impartial, looking at both participants from the evening's event. 

Chris Rock's onstage conduct has been addressed in humor before by the Wayans family.

The Will Smith slap was Marlon Smith sharing with social media a clip of his brother/co-host of the 2000 MTV VMAs Shawn Wayans mocking Rock's hosting gig from the year before. 

Despite showing off his dramatic range yet again on Bel Air, Marlon Wayans has been praised by his fans. 

Considering Wayans' resume, which includes films like Respect as well as dramatic curveballs, award buzz is all around the world.  

However, comedy is still a very important part of his life, and he clarified his feelings with these contextual remarks regarding the Chris Rock/Will Smith slap

It doesn't appear that Marlon Wayans' stand up set involving The Slap will go to a stage or a streaming special anytime soon. Currently, Marlon Wayans appears in Bel Air's Season 1 finale on Peacock.

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