Married At First Sight Couple From Season 10 That's Still Together

Married at First Sight brought to American television what is widely practiced in many cultures around the world 

the practice of marrying complete strangers after a third party matches them according to certain characteristics.

The show brought forth the drama and pitfalls of marrying a total stranger, and it became notorious for having the majority of the marriages performed at the beginning fail. 

From among the sea of incompatible and bickering couples, a lucky few made it ashore

proving that marrying a total stranger who is well-matched isn't a waste of time. 

After first exchanging vows during Season 10's run in 2020, only one couple's knot has stayed intact and grown tighter. 

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd have remained happily married after exchanging vows during Season 10's run in 2020.

There were minimal disagreements and the couple seemed to get along quite well since the start of the season

This couple was unscathed by season 10 of The Bachelor, and their bond has only grown stronger since then.