Martha Stewart's Gooey Butter Cake Will Steal the Show

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We have a few go-to summer meals. We have a 5-ingredient grilled pizza recipe that's easier than getting takeout and more big-batch drink recipes than we know what to do with.

Dessert is always a problem. Sometimes we serve strawberry shortcake, other times we call the ice cream truck. Martha Stewart's gooey butter cake may be our new favourite summer dessert.

Gooey butter cake is famous in St. Louis, where the dish originated.

Stewart's gooey butter cake is created with a soft yeasted dough, not a batter. While it rises, make the cake topping in a stand mixer.

Butter, sugar, salt, eggs, vanilla, corn syrup, and flour make the topping. This isn't high-fructose corn syrup, yet it gives butter cake its gooey texture.

Stewart's video also surprised us. She butters her baking dish and lines it with parchment, then uses two binder clips to clamp the parchment to the dish before adding the batter. This helps her hold the dough and topping in place.