Martin Sheen says he regrets changing his name to fit his acting career

Sometimes, you're sure that your views aren't the proper viewpoint or the confidence to stand up for the principles you believe in the cause. 

The actor from 81, who goes by an actual name, Ramon Estevez, said he played under a different name on the advice of other actors.

"That's the only thing I'm regretting. I haven't changed my legal name," he told Closer Weekly. "It's that it's Ramon Estevez on my birth certificate.

"I did not alter the name of my husband in any way that was official. It is the name on my certificate of marriage, my passport, as and on my driving license."

Martin was asked about the reasons Martin changed his name, Martin stated: "Sometimes you get persuaded that you lack knowledge 

or confidence to stand up for what you believe in. Then you'll have to pay for it in the future.. "But clearly, I'm not speaking in my own name."

Sheen has also acknowledged that his son Emilio Estevez wanted to follow his footsteps in the field of filmmaking. He made the decision to use his initial name.

"The one influence I had the power to influence upon Emilio was to keep the name he was given," the West Wing actor stated.  

"When first he started his career, for the first time his agent advised him that he should change his name as Sheen but he was unable to change his name. Thank God didn't."

Martin's younger son Charlie who is famous for his appearance in Two and a Half Men was given The Sheen show name. His real name is Carlos Estevez.