Marvel Head Honcho Kevin Feige Think About How To Bring People Theatres Again. 

In the last two years very difficult to lead everyday life during in Covid-19 .In this situation all the entertainment industry, like movie theatres are closed for a long time from March 2020.

After this pandemic situation slowly opened the theatres .and then marvel released his movies and thanks to people for movie successes.

At marvel studios, kevin fegie and the O'connell talked about Cinema Blend attracting people back to theatres. how to feel now? Feige asked Sean.

On july 2021 . back widow available both theatres and Disney +hotstarMCU guide to bring back sung chi and the legend of the ten rings.

Marvei's film Spider Man was 2021's highest-grossing, and Shang Chi was ninth. Madness, Love, and Thunder opens on 2 and 7 at the box office.

In the MCUsuperherofight the force of evil watching interested people is noticed by kevin feige.and also people watch jurassic world dominion. The batman and minions the rise guru.

In this year  $1 billion getting movie maverick.Kevin feige is obviously pleased people go to the theatres and enjoy the movie time.

on releasing  november 11 black panther wakanda to entertain bfgi the people back to through MCU.