A mathematician is blowing a lot of people's heads on TikTok with her demonstration of how perplexing advanced arithmetic can be. 

With a PhD degree in mathematics, the TikToker Ashley (@modernday eratosthenes) ..

..frequently uses her platform to demystify difficult scientific ideas, including time travel and aerodynamics.

However, she highlighted how difficult arithmetic can be even for those who are familiar with these concepts in a recent popular video. 

She goes on to say that not even rocket scientists are exempt. In the video, Ashley is heard saying, "A quick anecdote about how insane math becomes.

"All the individuals you believe ought to know all that things, totally don't," he said.

To get the default view, scroll up one more. High-level math may be "crazy,"

as demonstrated by In The Know by Yahoo Mathematician on TikTok: It "enters into its own universe."

Thanks to her demonstration of how perplexing advanced arithmetic is, a mathematician is blowing many viewers' heads on TikTok.