Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp Reveal Marriage Pact If They are Single at 40 We Be Good Roomie

Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things and Brown's Eleven, shares he has one "deal-breaker."

Stranger Things besties Lucas and Dustin Brown joked they might get married if they are both single at the same time.  

Brown, 18, said the pair made a marriage pact to marry if they are both single at 40. 

The two told MTV News that if they weren't married by 40, they would get married together. "Because we'd make good roommates." 

Although the pair will be wed "completely platonically," that does not mean a romantic connection is in the works.

Later, she joked that she wouldn't want kids with Schnapp. "No kids, though, because I could not deal with a child of yours," she said. 

According to Schnapp, "No kids is my deal-breaker."

Brown said they'd have dogs together and sleep in separate bedrooms. 

A year ago, when Stranger Things was filming season 1, the friends met. 

In season 4, the friendship dynamic between Will Byers and Eleven has changed.  

Eleven lives with the Byers family, so they're roommates — but Will has trouble adjusting to the fact that El's attention is now largely focused on boyfriend Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

During season 1, the friends met on the set of Stranger Things. The friendship dynamic between their characters has changed in season 4.  

"Nevertheless, Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in Stranger Things to Brown's Eleven, admits that he has one "deal-breaker"",