More interesting Things 4' Vol. 1 Review - A Hefty Return to Hawkin

For season 4 of the Duffer Brothers' hit 80s wistfulness trip series, it's something beyond back to Hawkins

This time, instead of focusing on the peculiar happenings in the small Indiana community, the story ranges much wider

With Stranger Things 4's undeniably crazy themes, it moves forward to 1985 after season 3 and a few adrenaline rushes

In More Peculiar Things 4, our beloved characters start secondary school in two countries

Byers and El adjust to life in California while the rest of the posse stays behind in Hawkins 

Their connections tested by the battle of Starcourt and difficulties of a cliquey secondary school

A murder series reconnects the Hawkins Middle AV Club  after they thought they were separated

A strong witch who overpowers the subaltern world around them

Vecna adds new layers of complexity to the disasters of the Upside Down

Unlike the demogorgon or demidogs he is a determined hunter who hunts the blameworthy and tormented