Morning Coffee: Credit Suisse CEO Andrea Orcel considers unlimited vacation at Goldman Sachs?

Since May 1st, Goldman Sachs' partners and managing directors (MDs) have been free to take vacations as often as they like. 

A couple of extra days off a year have been given to Goldman's more junior staff.  

It appears to be empowering and invigorating, and puts Goldman on par with other forward-looking companies that offer unlimited days off (Netflix, LinkedIn), 

which allow employees to self-regulate recreational breaks. HSBC, for example, started monitoring exactly what its MDs were doing in 2016, so it makes Goldman look trustworthy.  

Free-range may not be as good as it seems, however. A few people at GS don't take their entire vacation allowance anyway 

, so allowing more time won't lead to a rush to the beaches; the extra time is merely cosmetic.  

You aren't your own: your clients own your time. "You must be able to put the client first,"  

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