Musk says her kids don't understand negative jokes about brother Elon: 'They don't understand'

"He is such a peculiarity. He is outstanding in so many ways," Tosca Musk said of SpaceX's CEO.

Elon Musk's younger sister Tosca Musk is communicating her concerns about her  

children being presented to the general's viewpoint about her older brother.

According to a Sunday Times interview published this week, the movie producer and 

chief said that her children shouldn't see Elon, 51, as anything other than their uncle. 

"I could do without that my children watch YouTube and there are kids about my sibling; it causes them to feel somewhat awkward,

Tosca, 47, shared. "Furthermore, they don't have the foggiest idea about why individuals would agree [negative] things about him."

While protecting Elon, she additionally spouted over her kin, saying, "I'm unimaginably pleased with my more established sibling. 

"He's extraordinary in such countless ways and his objectives to help humankind are past anything that anyone can envision, 

she proceeded. "So there's no impurity by any means."

Notwithstanding Tosca, Elon likewise has another kin, his more youthful sibling Kimbal Musk whom Tosca portrayed as "human-forward,