Musk's Hyperloop is all smoke and mirror

Hyperloops would be ideal for a flat planet. With topography and infrastructure, it's quite different.

 The concept of a Hyperloop for transport is fascinating, combining the concepts of a bullet train with pneumatic tubes for high-speed travel. 

However, there is an inherent limitation imposed by physics: Humans can't handle lateral or vertical accelerations without nausea, and the faster you go, the worse it gets.  

 Unless we are willing to invest multiple trillions of dollars developing and maintaining extremely sensitive infrastructure, the only Hyperloop system that is feasible will be too slow to be worthwhile.

The potential for a new development in transportation is always exciting.  

There is no one who likes airports or airplanes, and let's face it, cars and trains are slow 

especially when it comes to traversing the vast distances between major cities in large countries like the United States. 

In theory, the plan for a new rapid type of transportation is simple