NBA official Adam Silver not content with Kevin Durant's exchange demand: 'We could do without to see it'

In the midst of a feverish NBA offseason featured by an approaching Kevin Durant sweepstakes, chief Adam Silver showed up.

Showing up at a news gathering at the yearly NBA Board of Governors meeting, Silver examined Durant mentioning an exchange 

 only days before his four-year, $198 million agreement expansion with the Brooklyn Nets was set to kick in. 

 Considered by a lot of people to be a very favorable to player magistrate, Silver said this sort of conduct isn't great for the association.

"See, this should be a two-way road. Groups give colossal security (and) certifications to players," said Silver. "

The assumption is, consequently, that they'll meet their part of the arrangement. I'm reasonable that there's continuously 

 going to be discussions that happen away from public scrutiny between players, their delegates, and the groups,